Camila, from Current Ecological, brought to Barcelona Millor Sense Canyeta, a campaign that seeks to reduce the use of plastic straws in cities, working both with the establishments that offer them (bars, restaurants, cafes, hotels), and with citizens. The campaign was born in January 2018 as an extension of the previous initiatives in cities such as Medellín (Mejor sin Pitillo) and Paris (Bye Paille). In July 2018 it received a grant from the Barcelona City Council.

The work with the establishments consists of visiting them and advising them regarding the use of single-use plastics in general, and straws in particular. They are invited to follow the behavioral change strategies on which the campaign is based: to offer straws by request only, and to not put them on sight. It is proven that by adopting this simple change, restaurants avoid using between 50% and 80% of straws. They are also informed of the alternatives that exist in the market, so that they are encouraged to replace plastic with reusable or less polluting materials. After the establishment agrees to follow these simple strategies, the campaign certifies it as a member of the network. It is identified with a sticker, it’s included in the map of the campaign, a post is made on social networks, and they receive a quarterly bulletin with useful tips and good practices of sustainability in the restoration. The map with the attached establishments can be visited at

Additionally, awareness raise activities are held in the streets showing citizens the environmental impact generated by straws, and teaching through symbolic acts how unnecessary it is. We invite people to sign the "anti-straw" pledge, and we give them drinks that can be drunk straight from the glass. We also do training workshops for volunteers with allied entities, and carry out a communication campaign consisting on social networks and a quarterly newsletter.

We have advised the Restaurants and Hotels Associations of Barcelona, who will include our campaign in their next 2019 sustainability plan, which will directly impact approximately 2,500 establishments. We are also in contact with the Residu Zero strategy of the Barcelona City Council, with whom we are seeking to include the strategies of the campaign in the regulations for new bars in beaches, parks and public spaces.

 The campaign continues in 2019. Now we will try to reach more establishments at the same time of already formed networks like the aforementioned unions, the Barcelona Més Sostenible initiative, associations of traders and sustainable restaurants, and other organizations that have access to local restaurants. We want to extend it to offices, schools, juice and beverages take-away shops, and above all, to the premises on the beachfront.

How to get involved?

To participate as a volunteer, you can fill out this form, and if you want to add a new establishment, you can do it here. We are also on Instagram and Facebook as @millorsensecanyeta.

In the infographic below you will see the results of the 2018 campaign (in spanish).