On Friday, September 22, Barcelona celebrates its Car-free day, ​​in which we are looking forward to participating. This event, framed within the European Mobility Week, will have several activities distributed throughout the city, ​​where there will be street cuts to give life to non-motorized activities.

Current Ecological, together with Biciclot, Outcubator and Despacio, will run a slow bicycle race, where the competitor who finishes last wins. It is an event in which the resistance and balance of the cyclists are challenged to go as slow as possible, without putting their feet on the ground. It is inspired by the technique that track cyclists use to strategically position themselves among their competitors for the best position.

What is it exactly?

In a space of 20 meters, participants have to ride their bikes as slow as possible until the finish line. The race ends once all the participants have crossed the finish line or have been disqualified for losing their balance or placing their feet on the ground. The winner will be the last person to pass the finish line or the last person to be disqualified.

What for?

We want to show that speed is not necessary to compete or have fun, it could even become the obstacle to victory! We will invite you to reflect on the importance of always going at an adequate speed in every situation, not only to go safer and ensure safety to others, but also to appreciate the way. We will prove that slow = cool!

Join us on car-free day (22.09.17) in the “Super Cruilla” in Sant Antoni. (Tamarit st, between Borrell and Viladomat), from 16 to 20h. Participate and win the prize for being the slowest!

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